Who else wants a stronger, more vibrant prayer life and deeper connection with God?

You can pray better and experience the peace, joy, and confidence of a vibrant prayerful life with just a few simple proven strategies.

Wednesday, 7:38 a.m.

From:  John Arnold

Re:  Step-by-step prayer instructions on the best practices to improving your prayer life immediately.  How you can radically expand your experience of God.

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the #1 struggle people have with prayer is FOCUS, but with a few simple strategies you can completely stop your mind from wandering?

Did you know that if you wrestle with what to say when praying, you can eliminate the guesswork entirely by using easy to follow prayer models?

Also, did you know that there are just 5 factors to life-changing prayer that are either killers or pillars of your prayer life?  That’s it.  Just five.

Do you know the ONE CHOICE that makes you 5 times more likely to succeed in doing a daily devotional?

Probably not…It’s not your fault and you’re not alone…

Many Best Prayer Practices Aren’t Taught In Church

“I grew up in the church. My family attended regularly.  I went to Sunday school and  I went to youth group.   But nobody ever taught me how to pray…Why did that happen?”

–Shannon, 26 years old

I was stunned when Shannon approached me and said the words you just read above.  I had no idea how to respond, but I rapidly realized something…

Never being taught to pray was my story too.

And if it was my story, then who knows how many other faithful people never get taught how to prayer. How many people, longing to connect with God, are cluelessly floundering and needlessly left  to figure out prayer alone?  How many people are like I was, feeling, “I feel like I should pray better , but I really don’t know how to get better at prayer.”

So, if you are struggling with prayer…

  • You want to feel like God is right in the room not a million miles away,
  • You don’t know if you are praying ‘right’,
  • Your attention leaps around like a drunken monkey when you try to prayer,
  • You long for prayer to shape who you are and how you live,
  • or you just really wish you knew how to have a vibrant daily devotional time,

…if you are in the dark on all of this, that’s okay.  This is what I do and I am here to help you.   I have invested over 20 years researching prayer which means you don’t have to. I have compiled it all into my new ebook, “Tips on Prayer: The Quickstart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life.”


Tips On Prayer Book Cover

Tips on Prayer–

The Quickstart Guide To Improving Your Prayer Life.

You could go out and read dozens of books, attend prayer retreats, join multiple prayer groups,  spend hours in a prayer closet, and do this stuff like I have. And I’ll bet you would still be missing the REAL secret.


Read my simple 32 page book that condenses the best of the best practices I’ve learned about developing a vibrant prayer life into about a 30 minute read. It is the most concise compilation of the best practices for radically improving your prayer life.

No fluff.  No esoteric theory.

Just the raw information and system you need to start turning your prayer life around immediately.

‘System’ is the keyword here.  That’s part of the ‘REAL SECRET’ I was alluding to earlier.  I have picked up an astounding number of great prayer tips and practices over the years, but I  have never seen a system for evaluating your prayer life and then a systematic way to tackle your weaknesses.  But, that is EXACTLY what I have put together for you.

Tips on Prayer completely removes the guesswork out of  knowing what is wrong with your prayer life and  hands you a road map for selecting specific practices to strengthen it.

Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover:

  • The 3-fold formula of praise David used–You can use it too for greater intimacy with God
  • My personal 7 step sequence for a life-changing daily devotional
  • How to create your own custom prayer routine, tailored to overcome your weaknesses
  • The 5 factors of prayer that you ABSOLUTELY cannot neglect
  • 10 tips to eradicate fatigue so you can stop falling asleep and start paying attention during prayer
  • A sure-fire technique to ALWAYS remember a prayer promise and never  feel guilty for forgetting again.
  • How to integrate prayer into your daily life, so you can move past knowing how to pray and into living prayerfully
  • 3 ways to FAITHFULLY respond to answered prayer, so that God entrusts you with more
  • And much, much more…


I Can’t Take Credit For The System

I’ve read anything I could put my hands on about prayer.  Gleaned the best of the best and then added my own personal experiences to develop this system…

Don’t let the size (just 32 pages) fool you.  No matter what’s got you stuck, you are sure to find a tip, tool, or technique to move you from striving to thriving in prayer.  Hundreds of hours of research have gone into this project.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is to improve your prayer life when you follow the best practices of those who learned the hard way.  Why experience a 1000 costly mistakes before being successful?


Arrow - GreenHaving step-by-step proven prayer models (no wondering how you ‘should’ pray)
Arrow - GreenFacing life’s challenges with the confidence and joy that prayer brings
Arrow - GreenRecognizing how God is answering prayer, rather than wondering if God is there
Arrow - GreenConnecting with God regularly
Arrow - GreenFeeling God’s peace
Arrow - GreenUnderstanding God’s purpose
Arrow - GreenDiscerning daily from the Word of God, what God wants you to do that day
Arrow - GreenLooking forward to prayer


Why It’s Just $9

I’m only charging $9 for this ebook and not giving it away for 3 reasons.

  1. $9 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people.  It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginner.
  2. I figured that even someone kind of serious about improving their prayer life will invest $9 into this report and take the time to use the methods laid out inside.
  3. I can’t imagine anyone not being willing to spend just $9 to grow spiritually.

So, if you’re serious about wanting to deepen your relationship with God and you want to tap into prayer as one of the most powerful ways to start living a more Christ-like life, and if you would like to start TODAY click the “Add to Cart” button below.  If you need to justify the expense, skip a trip to Starbuck’s or going through a fast food drive JUST ONCE this week and it’s paid for.


BONUS: You Get Six FREE Audios

When you grab your copy of Tips on Prayer today I’ll give you access to 6 audio instructional sermons on prayer. You can listen to them online or download them to place on your phone or mp3 device. You’ll get:

Bonus 1: Praise Series

Icon - Check Mark Praise Basics–3 Benefits and 3 Principles of Praise.
Icon - Check Mark More on Praise–David’s 3 Fold Formula of Praise.

Bonus 2: Discerning Gods Will Series, I-IV

Icon - Check Mark Part I–Gazing Into Deep Waters, 3 obstacles To discernment.
Icon - Check Mark Part II–Quieting the Waters of the Mind, daily practices to slow down and hear God’s voice.
Icon - Check Mark Part III–First Steps to Solving the Discernment Puzzle, practices for clarifying the ‘picture’ of God’s will.
Icon - Check Mark Part IV–The Final Piece of the Discernment Puzzle, 2 guiding principles of knowing God’s will.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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You heard me correctly. Not only will I give you your money back, I will let you keep the book and the bonuses.  All I ask is that you give me an honest effort first. Test drive it for 60 days.



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Blessing to You,

John Arnold,
The Practical Disciple

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